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About Gene Stuart

Singers are discovered every day, some are recorded and never heard of again, but the discovery of Gene Stuart over thirty years ago introduced us to a unique and magnetic talent.

Auditioned to front the legendry ‘Mighty Avons’ he came, he sang and he conquered. His first band , ‘The Dynamic Sounds’ was a small but talented local pop outfit. Gene sang the country songs with them.

Early ambitions of becoming a priest were sidelined as a result of a football injury, but an entirely different vocation was emerging from the high hoary hills of Tyrone.
The Dynamic Sounds

Like so many of his generation, Gene crossed the Irish sea and spent some time on the construction Sites in Birmingham. Back home again he found work with the great Ken Kennedy’s band from Monaghan , and also with the Mc Geogh brothers band before securing his big break.

Larry Cunningham and The Mighty Avons were right at the top of the showband tree when Larry decided to go his own way. It was the summer of ’69 when the twenty six year old photographer for The ‘Dungannon Observer’ auditioned for and got the job that would change his life forever -

For the next four years, Gene and the Avons would enjoy hugh popularity all over Ireland, and across in England - Gene’s first recording ‘Before the next teardrop fall’ was an instant hit, reaching No 3 in the Irish top ten.

Other chart successes followed, and songs such as ‘I’m just lucky I guess’ ‘Don’t go’ ‘Kiss an Angel good morning’ ‘I’d rather love and lose you’ and ‘Christmas in Connemara’ kept Gene’s name continually in the Irish hit parade---

But then fate intervened when he fell ill in 1973. Six nights a week on the road, big crowds and sweaty dancehalls saw the young Tyrone country singer struck down with TB. He spent eight weeks in Dungannon hospital and was off the road for six months.
Gene Stuart & The Mighty Avons

Gene and the Avons were flying when this happened, but the original band would never play together again. When he returned some of the lads had gone their separate ways and he felt soon afterwards that perhaps the time was right to move on and form his own band.

It was a different band and he felt soon afterwards that the time was right to move on and form his own band.

Peter Smith from the Mighty Avons became the long term manager of one of Irelands most popular country bands –‘Gene Stuart and The Homesteaders’ - His fame continued to grow with bushfire rapidity, and the rest is history.
Gene Stuart & The Homesteaders

The big man from Dungannon has been in the business since 1969, and 20 albums, one recorded in Nashville’ many singles and four videos later has still his foot firmly planted on the rung of the popularity ladder. (See catalogue in online shop)

His vocal abilities and heartfelt emotions throughout his long lasting career have made the entire country music nation stand up and applaud. His love for the particular type of country music with which he identifies is such that he is prepared to forego commercial success for the personal satisfaction which he gets from performing the music he loves.

This feeling reflects Gene’s conviction to country music and his desire to give genuine country music fans the type of music they want to hear. Simple in taste, rich and colourful in content, and wide in variety, all his recordings have delightfully personified the big man himself.

His ability and versatility transand musical categories and strike responsive chords among his music lovers who deeply appreciate his mellow velvety style.
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Gene has always strikingly possessed that tender feeling for the full range of human emotions so eloquently and simply expressed by Country, Irish and Gospel music, invariably wrapping his own inimitable personality around his songs, whether it be on stage or in the recording studios.

A few years back the big man decided to step back from the hectic routine of nightly gigs and expansive travel. It was time for a well earned rest…. But country music runs too richly in his veins to have broken the link completely, and he still responds generously to tours and concert requests. His loyal fans who once waltzed to his songs throughout the dance floors of Ireland, now relax in the much more plush environs of music halls and theatres to watch him perform.

Nothing much has changed, he is still a natural talent, still demonstrating that warm and easy style that captivates all who hear him. His ability to change pace and mood to compliment the meaning and feeling of the songs he sings continues to give repeated pleasure to listeners.

His remarkable career, encompassing all his talents and performance ability has been well and truly chronicled . A performer who has soared to great heights in the recording business, yet his feet always remained firmly on the ground. This of course, is totally in keeping with the character of the man, no airs or graces, an artiste who has admirably and continually coped with success and all its attachments.

Thirty five years ago, Gene Stuart was quiet, gentle, unassuming and unknown… Today, he is still quiet, gentle and unassuming – but is one of the best-known and most respected singers on the forever expanding country music circuit-------
Gene Stuart


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